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Ruhrmetal.com Sonstiges : Decreation Demo zum Download !
» Sonstiges : Decreation Demo zum Download !
Von: 05.10.2005

Sonstiges : Decreation Demo zum Download !

Quelle/Link: www.myspace.com/decreationband
Datum: 05.10.2005

Exklusiv für Euch gibt es die komplette Demo Darkened By Fate EP der US Black Metal Band Decreation

Infos :Ok this awesome Black Metal Band from the USA doesnt even have a record label yet, which is a pity. So I decided to help them a little to get populair amongst the metal scene all over the world. So if you like theyr stuff you should check out their website: www.myspace.com/decreationband So please support them as much as you can if you like them by seeding this to infinity to help them to get more known. They fucking rock and deserve it!!! \m/\m/ And this message is to all the so called True Black Metal Know It All's:I know this might not be Black Metal to you but I think even though when Children of Bodom Fans might like it, cause they have a litle influence from them in their music, I thought they fit the genre Black Metal the most, and they rock like fucking hell, especially the song "Scars Of The Unholy"!!! Enough Sayd!!! ;) Addition: Please people write comments and rate this EP!!! It is really important that you do that and also most welcome!!!

Bewertet die Demo hier :

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Decreation - Darkened By Fate EP »Trackliste
1.Scars of the Unholy

2.Wispers From Evil

3.Babtized In Flames

4.Fear In Rapture

5.Fates Torment

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